Friday, February 3, 2017

Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi Limited Edition Shift Knob (5 of 100)

I have heard some stories about Tommy Kaira and industry feuds, etc… I have no idea which stories are legitimate or the background behind who did what to whom or went behind the back of the other. I just know that I have had a couple Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi shift knobs for different projects over the years. In my opinion, it is one of the nicest feeling, weighted knobs out there. No, I have not experimented with every single knob to ever hit the market, but I have had a few. (I love my Nismo GT Ti knob, as well.) When I stumbled upon a Limited Edition Hebi Bebi (with the signature TK turtle in blue), I jumped on it, seeing as the blue will go nicely with my color theme. I do not exactly need another shift knob, but, even if it does not make it into my Z, it will look nice displayed somewhere.

Pretty cool, if you ask me...

Some of my other knobs and the Vertex wheel...

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