Sunday, June 5, 2016

Project FJ: More rumble… Why not?

I have my shop time scheduled to have a chunk of the work done on the FJ: lift installed, wheels and tires mounted, front bumper installed, nerf bars installed, among a few other things… We are just waiting on the final fabrication of the bumper and then for it to be shipped from Demello.

My buddy at Pro-Spec Autosport got in touch with me the other day with an unbelievable price on the exhaust system that I have been eyeing for this project. I could not refuse it. Who wants a rugged, lifted truck with beefy tires and the quiet stock exhaust? Not me. So I gave the 'OK' to order up the MBRP single rear exit exhaust system for the FJ. This system is exactly what I am looking for: simple, tucked-up design made from T409 stainless steel and no tip. Stock photos below.

As a funny aside… a friend of mine and follower of JDMphasis and I were discussing the project recently and he asked me what my next plans were. I had told him I wanted to do an exhaust system and a light bar next. We joked about having Amuse fabricate another custom system for me… That might be a little overkill. This will do for me. Looking forward to getting this thing installed!

MBRP Single Cat-Back, Rear Exit (Stainless)

JDMphasis… Innovation over Imitation

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