Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Manziel in the doghouse again?

I suppose it's old news at this point, but who cares? 

The headline-hunting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns found his way back into the news this past week and, surprisingly, not because of any on-field accomplishments. After a day of drinking, Manziel was questioned by police following the call of a witness to police after observing Manziel's white Nissan driving recklessly on I-90 in Cleveland. It was reported that Manziel and his girlfriend were involved in a "domestic argument." No charges were filed. 

Normally JDMphasis would not post a story/non-story of this nature. However, I learned that, in what is most certainly an attempt to smooth things over with the girlfriend, Mr. Manziel introduced a puppy into the tumultuous equation. A puppy is the answer to everything. Right?

Cute pup.

But that steering wheel…

And the rest of that "White Nissan" from the news story…

After seeing that picture of the pup on his lap, I do recall reading about Manziel picking up a GT-R last year. It is apparent to, well, the entire world that Johnny Manziel's problems extend far beyond the confines of a football field, yet he seems to have two things figured out: 1) One can never go wrong introducing a dog into your life. Period. End of story. No debate. Dogs are wonderful (even if purchased to assuage a significant other…) 2) Driving like an idiot notwithstanding, a 540+ HP R35 is a pretty nice choice for a daily driver. 

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