Saturday, June 22, 2013

Not cool...

Funk Faked.

For those maintaining less than connoisseur status when it comes to the aftermarket of the G37, I would like to point out a not-so-subtle difference between an authentic Top Secret aero kit and a replica Top Secret aero kit. The authentic front end of the Top Secret aero kit is a lip kit; not a full bumper.


We see VarStolen wheels with Volk Racing or BBS stickers pop up occasionally and that, no doubt, elicits a discontented shake of the head from those staunch defenders of authenticity such as myself. I do not approve. At all. Now, finding replica aero on V36 coupes is hardly rare. They are everywhere. What is somewhat rare, however, is blatantly faking the funk by tattooing the exterior of the car with Top Secret decals when the car is not sporting any Top Secret parts. The car pictured below has at least three Top Secret stickers in plain view. (Come on, man!


Top Secret: High Performance "Enginering" Service

I understand that, with the assistance of a capable body shop, one could have an authentic Top Secret lip molded to the OEM front bumper to provide a seamless front lip. However, that was not done here. This is a replica kit and clearly, by sticker-bombing the car with the name of the company that created the original design, the owner would love people to believe that it's not. Once again, label me a "hater" for simply pointing out the obvious, but it is what it is. Posing is unbecoming. Don't fake the funk.

JDMphasis... Innovation over Imitation

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