Sunday, February 26, 2012

Congratulations, JDMEGO!

In a post acknowledging his 1,000,000th (!) page view today, Jay, of JDMEGO, stressed that there is much about the current state of modding to which he has become "numb." The increasing number of fake parts, corner cutting, and the perpetuation of these trends with weak "features" by weak sources are some of the factors I would assume contribute to this disappointment and burnt-out frustration. Comments on the JDMEGO web blog have been disabled for a few months now because of the non-desire of Jay to deal with the obtuseness, insensibility, naiveté, and ignorance of people posting. (Otherwise I would have posted my CONGRATULATIONS right there on his blog.)

Although hitting 1,000,000 page views may not be something worthy of too much revelry to Jay, I believe it is important to note that it is the Jays of the modifying world and the blogs like JDMEGO that inspire, encourage, and remind us all to enjoy modifying for what it is, to refuse to cut corners with our builds and, above all, to... DEFEND AUTHENTICITY.

So, humbly, JDMphasis would like to acknowledge this achievement of JDMEGO and say congratulations to its founder, Jay. Perhaps (and very likely) I am one of those individuals who takes this car stuff too seriously, but nonetheless, I hope Jay knows the extent to which he and his blog have influenced and stimulated my own passion. Thanks, Jay...


  1. Down here in Miami, it is all about stance, how you spend on ROTAS/XXR, how they spend $800 on a "clean " 240sx but bought $900 MEGAN Coilovers..people talking shit on forums is nothing new, I dont care for that anymore, I just go on them when I need help or advice..
    I use to always comment on Jay's that he disabled the comment button due to strong opinionated naysaysers..

  2. A shame that this industry has gotten so corrupt that good people have left. I wish these knock-off companies and factories could be shut down and sued into oblivion. They cut costs and corners to steal and cheat themselves into this hobby. It's one reason I stopped covering it at JDM Evolved.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    I'd be lying if I said I don't get worked up, annoyed, and frustrated when I see the praise these cars sporting fake wheels and knock-off aero receive on the forums. To me, complimenting these cars is almost as bad as supporting these companies directly by purchasing their unoriginal products and putting money in their pockets. I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but praising this corner-cutting and "featuring" them in magazines and websites only perpetuates the notion that it is okay to cut corners. Thus, the industry we love suffers...

    That said, I am glad to know that there are still some like-minded people out there. Thanks for reading JDMphasis.